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Easy hairstyle tip

Posted on Friday, November 23, 2012 at 8:31 am

Hair tip

Using the cut sock or hose makes a neat and tidy

Most of us women Civil War reenactors wear our hair in some sort of “bun.” I found an easy and cheap way to make this hairstyle. Here are the directions:

You’ll need one pair of knee-high hose (trouser hose) close to the color of your hair. Then, cut the toes out of each stocking, straight across. Begin rolling the stocking into a ring, pulling the end tight so you have a firm donut. After you’ve used the whole stocking, if it isn’t big enough or thick enough, add the other stocking to it, by placing the end into the “hole”, and over the outside, rolling it as before. After you’ve gotten it rolled, take a small section of netting fabric and cover it. You can sew it if needed. This will make it easier to use bobby pins to secure any unruly hairs. Also it isn’t slippery.

To make your bun, put your hair into a low ponytail, making it fairly loose. Place the ponytail into the donut hole, and spread the hair all around the outer edge of the donut. Then take another rubber band, and put it over the whole thing, letting it come into the outer edge around the outside, and holding the hair firmly. You can use bobby pins if you feel you need to attach it to your hair. This will stay all day, and is easy and cheap to do.

-By Dona LaValle